City of Saco salt storage facility relocation

Rubb Relocates City of Saco Salt Storage Facility

Saco, Maine

City of Saco salt storage facility relocation

When the City of Saco, Maine purchased their Rubb salt shed in 2014, they didn’t know that it would be used to build a new Public Works complex six years later and three miles away!

The original building purchased by the town in 2014 was an NV range structure measuring 18.2m (60’) wide by 34.4m (113’) long with a 5m (16.5’) sidewall height.  Each gable end had a 6.1m (20’) by 6.1m (20’) framed opening and the building’s foundation utilized the innovative Rubb Bulk Block design.

Ease of relocatability with minimal loss of materials is just one of the many advantages of a Rubb frame supported fabric structure.  In this case, the building was taken down and relocated to the owner’s new site in a matter of four weeks.  The cost of the entire move was roughly 30% of the original purchase price (delivered and installed) and this structure will now continue to provide many years of maintenance free service for the City of Saco.

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