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From the Arctic to the desert, Rubb structures stand in various extreme environments. We provide permanent and flexible solutions for military, aviation, ports, bulk storage, and sports facilities.

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The galvanized steel frame will last indefinitely, while the PVC membrane typically lasts in excess of 20 years. From our durable materials to our advanced engineering, Rubb buildings prove lasting in the most challenging environments.

Rubb fabric structures and features can be customized to meet market demands: dimensions, shapes, colors, doors, and ventilation systems.

Rubb’s fabric buildings offer several advantages over traditional steel structures. They’re cost-effective, have quick construction times, are energy efficient with natural light, and offer versatile designs. The fabric material is durable in the most challenging weather conditions.

Yes, Rubb Fabric Buildings are designed to meet or exceed local code requirements. Our commitment to engineering excellence ensures that structures meet codes and regulations, providing clients with confidence in their fabric buildings’ safety and compliance.

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