We take great pride in our expertise and engineering. From design and manufacturing to installation, we ensure our buildings are built right, meeting all safety codes to protect our customers and their products.

Wherever you are in the world, our goal is simple: when the wind blows, the ground shakes, or the snow falls, your Rubb building will stand strong, requiring little to no maintenance.

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We have zero tolerance for code violations

If you are considering buying a fabric building, you need to get the answers to the questions below. Looking for help? We offer free consultations for new buildings and free in-house evaluations for your existing buildings and plans.

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Unparalleled quality and service

Responsive care service

We offer responsive care services. One of our building repair technicians will travel to your location to address any emergency service needs.

Preventative care

Our Rubb Service Package is available for all structures, offering the best long-term protection for your investment.

Building cleaning

Rubb provides professional building cleaning services to refresh your facility and extend its life cycle.

Cooperative purchasing

Discover more about Rubb's partnership with Sourcewell for cooperative purchasing opportunities.

Building upgrades

Keep your Rubb building up to date with our improvement, upgrade, and modernization services, ranging from accessories to building modifications.

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Engineering excellence

Designed to withstand specific wind, snow, and seismic loads based on your project’s location, local codes, and International Building Code (IBC).

Cost-effective maintenance

Features like top-quality membrane materials and galvanized welded frames ensure durability and cost efficiency.

Energy-efficient roofing

Translucent membranes allow natural daylight into the hangar, while white roof surfaces reflect heat.

Versatile door options

Various hangar door solutions are adaptable to different sizes and opening requirements.

Fast, easy installation

Not only are Rubb structures easy to erect, but they are also easily relocatable with minimal loss of materials.

Flexible, cost-saving foundations

Our hangars accommodate many foundations, including galvanized I-beams with ground anchors, ballast bars, or poured concrete.

Smooth on-site operations

Construction is streamlined with prefabricated elements and the ability to construct hangars in various weather conditions.

Comprehensive long-term support

We’re here to help, from initial contact through quotation, installation, and beyond.

Always the highest quality

Rubb is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality fabric structures, which is the benchmark for every step of our process. Our engineered fabric structures are strong, durable, flexible, relocatable, and easy to maintain. Whether you require temporary or permanent fabric buildings, these multi-use facilities are always a cost-effective investment.

We continually work with our customers to improve the products and services we provide. Rubb maintains an effective and efficient quality management system. It’s based on ISO 9001’s requirements and focuses on its principles, which include a strong customer focus and a culture of continual improvement.

Always the best service

Our engineers and technicians have over 40 years of experience producing steel-framed, PVC fabric-clad structures. We work closely with clients throughout the process, from design and materials engineering to manufacturing, site work, and installation.

As part of our ongoing customer care commitment, we provide full service on existing Rubb structures. Our services include replacement parts and spares, refurbishment, dismantling, and relocation if required. Our experienced technical team is also available to train your staff in the construction, maintenance, and dismantling of Rubb structures.

Our certifications and affiliations

Industrial Fabric Association International

Structural Engineers Association of Maine

ISO 9001

Canadian Welding Bureau

American Institute of Architects (AIA) CES Provider


Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance

LA Fabricators License

Commonly asked questions

Rubb’s fabric buildings are built to last. The steel frame will last forever, and the PVC membrane usually lasts over 20 years. The materials used are durable. They are coupled with advanced engineering. This pairing ensures longevity, even in tough conditions.

Rubb Fabric Structures provide extensive customization options. Clients can pick the size, shape, and color. They can also add features to meet their needs. These include doors, ventilation, and special elements.

Fabric buildings by Rubb offer several advantages over traditional steel structures. They are cost-effective and allow for quicker construction. Our buildings are energy-efficient due to natural light and offer versatile design possibilities.

Additionally, Rubb fabric buildings offer superior fire performance, are relocatable with minimal loss of materials, have flexible and adaptive foundation systems, and are crane-liftable. The fabric material is durable and can withstand challenging weather conditions.

Rubb Fabric Buildings are designed to meet or exceed local code requirements. We are committed to engineering excellence, ensuring structures follow necessary codes and regulations. This gives clients confidence in their fabric buildings’ life safety and code compliance.

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