Rubb Buildings Systems designs, manufactures and constructs high quality code compliant fabric tensioned buildings.

The Rubb Difference

Rubb has a worldwide reputation for responsible design and engineering of clearspan fabric tension structures and buildings. Rubb values quality and strives to exceed our customers' expectations with integrity, innovation and a passion for doing things right.

Rubb Advantages

  • Over 40 years fabric building experience
  • We offer a 20 year building warranty
  • Post-fabrication hot dipped galvanized steel for optimal corrosion resistance
  • PVC tensioned membranes proven to last
  • Quick erection and flexible foundations
  • Always code compliant
  • Clearspan structures easily relocatable
  • Superior fire performance for improved safety and longevity
  • No maintenance and low energy costs

Explore our market sectors

Rubb manufactures clearspan temporary or permanent, prefabricated fabric structures that include aircraft hangars, indoor sports facilities, bulk storage warehouses, military hangars, emergency relief shelters, and customized fabric buildings for many applications.

  • AAR mro hangar rockford


    Rubb constructs flexible and cost effective aviation hangar and building solutions for aircraft MRO and air cargo storage.

    Find out more about Aviation
  • SAFC training facility


    Custom designed sport training structures in a variety of configurations and sizes ideal for all year round use.

    Find out more about Sport
  • Military jet hangar


    Rubb military customizable buildings and hangars with modular designed to be easily and rapidly deployed anywhere is the world.

    Find out more about Military
  • Mineral storage warehouse

    Bulk Storage

    Rubb has many storage warehouse options and solutions to help companies increase storage capacity to optimize their growth.

    Find out more about Bulk Storage
  • Canton Port Warehouse


    Rubb port warehouses offer bulk storage solutions. Structures can be custom designed to meet a variety of bulk handling methods.

    Find out more about Ports
  • Rubb salt storage barn

    Salt Sheds

    Rubb salt and sand storage sheds provide corrosion resistance and can be designed to accommodate conveyors.

    Find out more about Salt Sheds
  • Biomass pellet storage facility


    Rubb custom designed facilities provide the ideal building solution for biomass material processing, bulk handling and storage.

    Find out more about Biomass
  • environmental support


    Rubb is committed to reducing our impact by implementation of management controls and continuous improvement in our processes

    Find out more about Environmental
  • Industrial Blast and Paint Buildings

    Rubb’s facilities offer flexible and affordable protective solutions for manufacturing, industrial blasting and painting.

    Find out more about Industrial Blast and Paint Buildings
  • WFP relief shelter

    Emergency Relief

    Rubb emergency relief shelters can be easily transported and rapidly constructed to provide support in emergency situations.

    Find out more about Emergency Relief
  • Rubb construction team

    Building Erection

    Rubb construction teams work on projects at the manufacturing stage and then on to site to erect the structures.

    Find out more about Building Erection
  • Custom

    Rubb effectively partners with architectural and design firms to provide innovative and cost effective solutions.

    Find out more about Custom
  • Mining

    Rubb mining and energy facilities are ideal for use as a construction base, vehicle warehousing and equipment maintenance.

    Find out more about Mining

What's Your Tolerance for Code Violations?

If you are thinking about buying or building a fabric building then get the answers to the questions below and we are here to help. Rubb offers no-cost consultations for new buildings, and complementary in-house evaluations of one of your existing buildings or plans.

At Rubb we encourage you to ask tough questions before buying a building.

  • How much steel are you paying for?
  • Is hot-dip galvanizing part of the process? What are the snow, wind and “live-load” ratings?
  • Does the engineering make sense?
  • What is the membrane wall and roof cladding material?
  • Have you seen the building design calculations?

Design | Manufacture | Construct

If you are thinking about buying a fabric building we encourage you to ask the tough questions before buying. Rubb offers no-cost consultations for new buildings, and complimentary in-house evaluations of your existing buildings and plans.

Quality Commitment

Rubb is committed to provide fabric structures of the highest quality. This is the benchmark for every element of the Rubb process. Rubb engineered fabric structures are strong, durable, flexible, relocatable and easy to maintain. Whether you require a temporary or permanent fabric buildings, these multi-use facilities are always a cost-effective investment.

We are dedicated to meeting our customers’ requirements and work with them to continually improve the products and services that we provide. Rubb maintains an effective and efficient Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001, with emphasis on quality management principles including a strong customer focus and continual improvement.

Service Commitment

Our engineers and technicians are experts in the production of steel and aluminum framed, PVC fabric clad tensile structures, with more than forty years of experience. Rubb Buildings works closely with clients throughout the process, from design and materials engineering to manufacturing, site work and installation.

As part of our ongoing customer care commitment, Rubb also provides full service on existing Rubb structures. Our services include replacement parts and spares, refurbishment, dismantle and relocation if required. Our experienced technical team is also available to train your staff in the construction, maintenance and dismantling of Rubb products.

Questions to ask

Thinking about investing in a fabric structure? Before you buy, learn the answers to Rubb's frequently asked questions.

Why Rubb?

The Rubb Difference. What makes Rubb stand out as the number one provider of fabric buildings?

Why Fabric?

Why choose a fabric structure over traditional steel-clad metal buildings or wooden framed buildings?

Rubb Advantages

Design Criteria

The building framework will consist of structural steelwork and will be designed to meet local building codes with no exceptions

Superior Structural Frame

The backbone of a Rubb building is a well-engineered structural framing system, with the best corrosion protection system in the industry. The steel is hot dip galvanized after the welding process to provide a low maintenance building. All steel components are hot dip galvanized to ASTM A123

High-Quality Membrane

Rubb only uses high-strength, heavy-weight, coated architectural membranes from proven suppliers. Many structures are still in use 40 years after installation.

Code Compliance

Rubb buildings are designed for site specific, full code-compliance with respect to wind and snow loads.

Environmental Control

The membrane cladding of a Rubb building is sealed to provide a weather-tight shell. The buildings can be insulated, heated or air-conditioned as required. Rubb structures are uniquely suited for use as dehumidified facilities.

Suitable for Difficult Sites

The flexible membrane and steel frame design of a Rubb building allows installation on uneven or sloping sites. The buildings will also accept moderate differential settlement of the foundations.

Fire Safety Features

PVC-coated polyester membrane will not propagate flame or sustain combustion when exposed to a fire. The structure is self-venting, allowing heat and smoke to escape, a significant safety and risk management advantage

Low Maintenance / Low Costs

Our high-quality membrane materials and post-production galvanized welded frames deliver durability over time, making the cost of maintaining Rubb buildings more economical compared to conventional structures.

Reduced Time On-Site

Our established supply chain streamlines coordination of delivery and installation. Pre-fabricated elements and the ability to construct our buildings in a variety of weather conditions speeds up the construction process.

Comprehensive Long-Term Service

Rubb personnel are on hand to provide help and support, from initial contact to quotation, installation and beyond. Rubb’s commitment to customer service continues after project completion and forms the basis for long-term customer satisfaction.

Latest News & Media

Stay up to date with the latest project news and events from Rubb USA.

Rubb supports hospital ships USNS Mercy and Comfort during COVID-19 pandemic

Rubb supports hospital ships USNS Mercy and Comfort during COVID-19 pandemic

US Navy deploys Naval Hospital Ships USNS Mercy and Comfort in regions affected by COVID-19.

Port of Philadelphia expands cargo capacity with additonal Rubb Building
Port of Philadelphia expands cargo capacity with additional Rubb Building

Port of Philadelphia expands cargo capacity with additional Rubb Building

Rubb provides third fabric warehouse for PhilaPort, improving its position as a leading US port.  

Bob Normadeau
Passing quality standard with flying colors

Passing quality standard with flying colors

Rubb USA has successfully passed an external audit conducted by SGS, re-certifying Rubb as ISO 9001-2015 compliant.

Hawaiian airlines MRO hangar
Hawaiian Air enshrines time capsule in hangar

Hawaiian Air enshrines time capsule in hangar

Hawaiian Airlines has enshrining a time capsule inside the 2014 Rubb aircraft maintenance and cargo structures.

Offshore welfare shetler
Building provides shelter on offshore platform

Building provides shelter on offshore platform

Rubb stepped up to design and build a Rapid Deployment Shelter on an offshore oil platform for Aker Solutions and Statoil.

Hawaiian Airlines hangar
Rubb helps add finishing touches Hawaii Project

Rubb helps add finishing touches Hawaii Project

Rubb Service Manager Conor Larsen helps Hawaiian Air maintenance director James Kennedy hang the Stars and Stripes.

Building solar insulation
Thermohall® and solar innovations at Rubb

Thermohall® and solar innovations at Rubb

Rubb has recently recovered their Original Steel Shop with R-19 Thermohall® insulation system, complete with a solar wall.

Rubb warehouse weathers storm
Rubb port warehouses weather the storm

Rubb port warehouses weather the storm

Rubb port warehouses withstand 70mph winds in the Storm of October 29, 2017 at Merrill Marine Terminal, in Portland

What our customers are saying

With over 40 years experience of designing, manufacturing and constructing custom fabric buildings, we have built up relationships with high profile clients across the globe.

"I'm writing to express our sincere appreciation for the quality installation Rubb accomplished for Laconia in erecting our new winter sand storage building..."

Paul J. Moynihan
City of Laconia, NH

"Our experience with rented facilities of conventional design has underscored the superior quality of the Rubb product... by far more durable and flexible..."

P.D. Merrill
Merrill Industries

"The use of Rubb has allowed United to have some of the most innovative structures of their type while giving us ideal conditions to work in."

Michael White
United Airlines Worldwide Cargo