Rubb Difference



Rubb generally uses more steel in its structures than our competitors.


  • Steel is stronger, more durable than aluminum (metal clad buildings).
  • Steel less costly than aluminum.
  • Our steel is “hot dip galvanized” for longevity and superior corrosion protection.





Hot dip galvanized steel provides consistent zinc finish on exposed AND inside surfaces. It’s the best.


  • Be wary of paint/pre-galvanization.
  • Because of this our buildings last… it’s expensive but worth it.





Rubb uses a high quality heavy (28oz) PVC coated polyester material specially fabricated to provide exceptional longevity and wear and tear.


  • Be wary of lighter (12-18oz) polyethylene and polyolefin based membranes.
  • Rubb membranes are meant to protect contents from weather, not provide structural support.





Rubb buildings are always designed to local codes.


  • Building range products designed strictly to building code requirements.
  • Minimum roof live load is 12 psf per ASCE 7-05 plus customer specified collateral load.
  • Ground snow load capability per code specification up to 100 psf or greater.
  • Wind load capacity up to 140 mph 3 second gust or greater.
  • Rubb structural framework is structurally independent of the membrane cladding and does not rely on the cladding to brace framing members.
  • Experienced, qualified and responsible in-house design and engineering capability.
  • Rubb chief engineer – PE w/25+ years experience at Rubb and MS in structural engineering.





Rubb buildings provide the best long-term cost of ownership in our market. 


  • Rubb buildings have little to no maintenance costs, no corrosion and repairs are inexpensive. We will gladly provide documentation.





Superior to our competition, Rubb buildings easily integrate with ventilation systems, windows and conventional doors.


  • Large open clear span, no center columns.
  • Translucent roof allowing natural light thus saving energy.
  • Continuous wall and roof thus no water or air infiltration.
  • Relocatable or permanent.
  • Flexible foundation design options.





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