Why choose a Rubb salt shed?

Here at Rubb we are keen to highlight the clear comparisons in quality difference between Rubb fabric buildings and other fabric structures. On our Why Rubb? page you can read about the components that make all of Rubb’s tension fabric structures unique to our brand, such as the use of hot-dip galvanized steel and high quality heavy PVC coated polyester material. We are proud to have provided customers with fabric building solutions tailored to their specific building needs for more than thirty years. Which poses the question – what makes Rubb Salt Sheds better?

Although we could delve into an extensive comparison of structural frame profiles, connection of individual components, trusses, foundation and base tensioning, wind bracing cables, and more, this is not intended to be an exhaustive review of all differences between products*. To put it simply, all Rubb fabric buildings are engineered and built to meet or exceed the most current building codes and standards. Our experienced, qualified and responsible in-house engineering team is dedicated to educating our customers about carefully calculated design loads, our superior bracing and truss designs, and the quality of material used, based on your individual project specifications. So what does this mean if you’re in the market for a bulk, sand or salt storage facility? It means peace of mind that your investment is safe against the elements. This past year the Saco Maine Department of Public Works purchased a Rubb salt shed to replace their old facility and allow them to pre-purchase and store salt in bulk during the off season, significantly reducing their cost. The building was designed properly to meet 90mph wind and 60psf ground snow loads, and stood unaffected against the record breaking snow accumulation across Maine in 2015.

Rubb also offers a variety of foundation options, making our structures even more efficient and affordable. This past year we designed our BulkBlock™ foundation system, specifically intended for bulk storage industries. The Rubb BulkBlock™ foundation system only requires customers to provide a flat, level surface and asphalt for installation, and the above grade design for difficult site conditions makes installation quicker and easier than ever. Engineered clean-out to prevent salt build-up around structural components significantly reduces unnecessary maintenance, and pre-cast mold can be shipped to local precasters to prevent added shipping costs.

Longevity, low-maintenance, and portability also come to mind when thinking about salt sheds. Many Rubb projects have lasted for 30 or more years, and to stand by our product we offer a 20 year warranty on salt storage facilitieswithout any fine print. Rubb salt sheds also require little to no maintenance throughout their lifetime, and can be quickly and easily relocated at any time.

Quality to us means peace of mind, value, and convenience, whether it’s a salt shed, an aircraft hangar, or a soccer training facility. That is the Rubb difference.

So if you’re in the market for a new salt shed, you have to ask yourself “Is it as good as a Rubb building?”

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