Thermohall® and solar innovations at Rubb

Rubb Building Systems of Sanford, Me recently recovered their Original Steel Shop with R-19 Thermohall® insulation system, complete with a solar wall to generate heat.


R&D and results suggest the Thermohall® insulation system, combined with a solar energy capturing system, will create a paradigm shift in the fabric structure market.


The original fabric cladding lasted and performed well for 35 years, however in 2017 Rubb was set to expand the OSS heated workspace.


“This Thermohall® system works a lot better than anyone expected, it’s awesome!” declared Rubb shipping manager and long-time employee Marcel Chauvette. The OSS, the original and first Rubb building in the US, was built in 1983. The company has come a long way since then in terms of product development.



With the addition of the 4” Thermohall® cladding, the 65’ x 150 space is now a very comfortable workplace. Rubb President Dave Nickerson states: “Not only have we created a more productive and comfortable environment for our guys, the Thermohall® insulation system is saving Rubb a lot of money in energy costs.”


Another beneficial aspect of the project is the solar wall on the northern gable end. On a sunny (even marginally sunny) day in deep winter, the amount of warm air being captured and recirculated into the building from the solar wall is quite surprising.


Says Rubb Marketing Manager Chuck Auger: “Thermohall®, with the solar wall is checking off all the boxes for us: energy savings, great working environment for our employees, environmentally friendly and we now have a showroom to demonstrate the effectiveness of Thermohall®. It’s a gamechanger.”


Watch this space for a full analysis of energy and cost savings this spring. Learn more about the benefits Thermohall® insulated fabric cladding.