Building Foundations

Simple Foundations


Simple foundation preparation reduces cost and increases flexibility.


An advantage for Rubb structures is low cost, fast foundations. Piling is rarely required even on sites where settlement is expected. Rubb requires foundations designed to withstand uplift forces, as opposed to compressive forces. Consequently, a ring beam, or a concrete pad on which to bolt span base plates, is usually sufficient. For short term situations, a steel ring beam equipped with outriggers and ballast weights can be used.



Building Range on Concrete Foundation.

Building Range on I-Beam with Earth Anchors.

Shelter Range Base Angle with Spike Anchors.

Shelter Range Base Angle with Ballast Weight.




Rubb Ground Anchor System


This system consists of a hot dip galvanized steel beam that runs continuously around the building perimeter. The beam is generally anchored using either ground anchors, ballast weights or anchor bolts into concrete. Depending upon the site conditions and foundation forces, sometimes a combination of methods is used.