Technical Information

What goes into a Rubb Building?

A primary advantage of Rubb custom design is its flexability to be provided in virtually any configuration to suit your needs.

Other major benefits of Rubb structures are their speed of delivery and erection, minimal foundation requirements and complete relocatability or extension at any time. This provides several advantages over conventional structures and allows for quick response to changing circumstances. With life expectancy similar to conventional structures the technical advancement of fabric structures makes them a cost effective option to meet clients storage needs.

Rubb steel structures


Rubb fabric tensile structures come in many different sizes and configurations to suit different client needs

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Building Foundations

Rubb structures require different foundations depending upon the building size, intended period of exposure and ground conditions

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Rubb building design

Design Criteria

Rubb buildings are designed in strict accordance with USA Building Regulations with respect to wind and snow loads

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Full size football training pitch

Fire Safety

Fire safety is one the most important factors when designing a Rubb building. Fire tests have been undertaken to test our buildings

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Rubb Arctic Structure

Technical Specifications

With ‘Excellence in Engineering’ at the heart of Rubb’s ideology, we hold ourselves to the highest quality design standards

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