Sustainable transport building supports Alstom

‘Executed perfectly’ was the feedback the Rubb site crew received from the staff at Alstom following the successful completion of a transport building project.


Rubb designed, manufactured and constructed an 18ft x 100ft x 20ft transfer cover for moving subway cars from one bay to another.  


Alstom is a worldwide leader in integrated transport systems and offers a range of transportation solutions and services in the transport sector. The company is currently working on overhauling the famous Green Line trolley cars from Boston.


Sustainable mobility is at the heart of Alstom’s activities and projects. Alstom products and solutions are developed with sustainability throughout, from design and sourcing, to retirement. Rubb USA was a perfect fit for this business model, with a dedication to sustainable solutions and emphasis on doing things right and responsibly.


Rubb’s ongoing ‘Tolerance’ campaign focusses on supporting the client with expert knowledge and integrity. The campaign highlights the key questions to ask before starting any fabric building project. At its heart is dedication to sustainable and recyclable materials, quality, engineering, safety and environmental codes. Rubb also strives to ensure structures are adaptable and reusable, providing greater longevity to suit long-term plans.


Marketing Manager Chuck Auger commented: “This is another well executed, complicated and challenging project completed by Rubb USA. At Rubb we always aim to exceed expectations.”


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