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Preventative care

Do you want to protect your investment for the long term?


The Rubb 20/20 warranty service agreement

Rubb’s industry leading and unique 20/20 Warranty Service Agreement is perfect for those ‘mission critical’ situations where the operational integrity and performance of your building is of paramount importance. The 20/20 Agreement is offered on new products or on recently completed projects.

Upon entering Rubb’s 20/20 Warranty Agreement we will visit and perform routine inspections (and perform minor repairs at no charge) minimally every 3 years. More frequent visits and preventative maintenance inspections can be built into your 20/20 agreement.

The advantage of the Rubb 20/20 Warranty Service Agreement is you will always receive priority service and you will also benefit from discounted pricing on service calls, necessary equipment rentals and purchased accessories. The 20/20 is a wise choice to protect your investment for the long term.

For more information about the privileges and benefits of the Rubb 20/20 Warranty Service Agreement please call 1-800-289-7822 or email Rubb Service at

The Rubb service plan

On existing Rubb buildings our Service Department can customize a preventative maintenance program that will suit your organizational needs. Please call Rubb Service at 1-800-289-7822 ( to learn how a service plan can benefit your company and save money in the long term.

A Rubb Service Plan can be designed to be as flexible or as specific as needed. Our Service Department goal is to keep Rubb customers happy and our buildings operationally efficient.

At Rubb we are proud of our reputation to provide the best long term value and Rubb Service is here to maintain that reputation.

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