Safe and Sound 2017

Showing our commitment to safety through management leadership, worker participation and finding and fixing workplace hazards.



Rubb Buildings Systems is participating is Safe + Sound Week, a nationwide event for workplaces to show their commitment to safety and managing workplace hazards before they cause injury or illness.


Want to learn more? We will be hosting activities throughout the week that showcase how are working to keep our workplace safe. Join us!









1. Request a Free and Confidential OSHA Consultation
To help Rubb Inc maintain a safe workplace the Safety Committee we are committed to using Safety Works to help us identify workplace hazards and establish and improve our Safety and Health Program.


2. We will promote Rubb ‘s commitment to safety by joining OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP). Sharp businesses are models of workplace safety and health and enhance competiveness and productivity with their safety commitment.


3. A member of management will walk the floor each day and engage in daily conversations with employees about safety. This is a great opportunity for employees to offer suggestions they have for safety & health improvements. It’s an opportunity for Rubb Management to learn from our employees.





1. Management will discuss the 5 minutes talks each morning.


2. Lunch with the Boss – A number of employees will be invited to a safety luncheon with Dave Nickerson.


3. Free Lunch and Safety Listening and Discussion Session. Find out what the Safety Committee is up to and what every employee can do to help ensure a safe and healthful workplace. This is an opportunity for employees to offer safety improvement suggestions.


4. We will kick off “The Near Miss of the Month” Program on June 12th. Employees can earn 10 Wellness Points and win a gift card if elected for reporting the “Near Miss of the Month”.





1. During the Safety Listening and Discussion Session we will talk about our 2016 OSHA log to raise awareness on what our common injuries are and discuss how we can prevent them.


2. Management will pick a couple of employees each day to do the safety inspections with him. These employees will learn how to look for and recognize hazards.



Chuck Auger

Marketing Manager