Rubb USA set to expand to meet rising demand

Rubb USA is using its own expertise to expand manufacturing facilities after almost doubling sales in the 2015-16 period.


The $1m expansion, at the Sanford, Maine facility, includes re-cladding Rubb’s original 1983 steel shop with Thermohall® insulated cladding.


Rubb USA is also working on some highly innovative energy saving modifications that could produce significant long term results and energy savings for our customers. Rubb will be using a 34-year-old original steel shop as a hub for Rubb building innovations. Rubb USA has also recently procured a FLOW water jet steel cutting and fabrication machine to improve steel production.


Plans are in place to expand the current PVC shop in order to create a dedicated Thermohall™ production area and to also add a new 48M PVC welding machine. This will dramatically expand Rubb’s PVC and Thermohall® production capacity. 836m² (9000 sq ft) of new production capacity, along with environmentally friendly and energy saving modifications will allow Rubb to greatly increase production and prepare the company for future growth.


President Dave Nickerson said: “We need to expand to meet increasing demand. We are excited that our new production capacity will allow us to continue growing while becoming more operationally and energy efficient.”