Rubb Supports Maine Lobster Industry

Maine lobster needs no introduction as a famous (and quite delicious) product harvested from the icy waters off the Maine coast.  Established in 1993, Sea Rose Trap Co. supports this field by producing industry-leading lobster traps.  When the demand for their traps outgrew production capacity, they approached Rubb for a solution.

Rubb designed and provided a 40ft x 83ft x 12ft BVR series building to house Sea Rose Trap Co.’s new workshop.  The building includes an R-27 rated Themohall® insulation system to allow year round production in Maine’s chilly climate, along with an insulated roller shutter entry system.

Rubb Salesman Bob Normandeau, who worked closely on the project, had this to say: “It’s great to be able to support Maine’s most famous industry… and I really want one of those rocking chairs made from lobster traps.”

Besides state of the art lobster traps, Sea Rose Trap Co. also produces unique lobster trap rocking chairs, appropriately called the Lobstah Rockah™.

For more information about Sea Rose Trap Co., see here.