Rubb steps up to MRO hangar challenge – and it’s bigger than ever

Rubb USA’s construction experts have been enduring below freezing temperatures and 20mph winds while working at heights to install thermofabric cladding to a new MRO facility at Rockford International Airport.

Rubb is supplying two 300.7ft (91.7m) clear span x 300.7ft (91.7m) long insulated membrane clad hangars at the airport, just outside of Chicago, Illinois. The hangars will feature 12.1m (39.7ft) high sidewalls and a center height of 100 ft (30.4m). The aircraft hangars will be used for MRO operations by end user AAR.

The hot dip galvanized steel frame of the structures are being clad with 2in(51mm) thick Thermohall®® insulated fabric. Working at a heights of more than 100ft, and in challenging conditions, the Rubb installation crew dropped the thermofabric gable end sheets into place on the first of four gable ends. The sheets measured 40ft wide and 80ft high and weighed in at 2600lbs.

This was not an easy task but the innovative Rubb crew members, led by Scott Dyer, were all up to the challenge. Scott explained: “I designed and fabricated a steel shelf upon which the 2600lb thermosheet could lie flat and we crane lifted it to the top, attached it to the truss then dropped it into place. It was cold and windy up there, but the Rubb team beat the elements and achieved our goal.”

Each structure will also be fitted with a five panel vertical lift Megadoor, with pivoting mullions that allow the structure to comfortably house aircraft as large as the Airbus A380. This project, the largest structural project in Rubb’s 40+ year history, is due for completion in the second quarter of 2016. Find out more about Rubb MRO hangar facilities here.