Rubb shipyard building is a ‘game changer’

Moveable Rubb weather covers have helped Newport News Shipyard improve levels of production.


Rubb USA was asked by the shipyard to design and construct rolling weather covers to enhance productivity and working conditions for employees. Rubb installed 39.6m (130ft) x 17m (56ft) x 14.6m (48ft) and 36.6m (120ft) x 17m (56ft) x 13.4m (44ft) buildings, both equipped with motorized rollers to move the buildings in and out of position.


According to Shipyard Program Director Mike Butler: “Not only will these weather covers provide an indoor work area to protect our employees, but it also further illustrates the company’s commitment to improve our facilities for the Ford-Class Carrier Program.” The 1,115m² (12,000ft²) production area is equipped with a Rubb supplied high efficiency LED lighting system, along with a 30.5m (100ft) x 12m (40ft) Megadoor entry system. Rubb is once again proud to be part of a ‘game changer’ project.