Steel Framework

All steel used in Rubb structures is post-fabrication hot dip galvanized for strength and durability.


Anyone selling a structure that is not post-fabrication hot dip galvanized is selling an inferior product. It’s that simple.


Each Rubb frame is composed of smaller more manageable sections, which bolt together on site. Buildings spanning up to 100m are available in any length. The steel framework is protected from corrosion by hot dip galvanizing. Galvanizing is the process of metallurogically bonding a tough coating of zinc onto the steel surface. Microscopic analysis shows that there is no demarcation line between the steel and zinc but a gradual transition through a series of zinc-iron alloys. The protective coating is fused into the metal and therefore will give much better protection than other coatings such as paint. Whereas protection by paint may have to be re-processed every 5 or 6 years, protection by galvanizing should last in excess of 30 years, even in maritime environments.


The process of dipping the post fabricated steel into a pool of molten zinc allows the coating to protect the steel internally, externally and at all joints. This process is considerably more expensive and time consuming than inferior methods (paint/spray/pre-fabrication galvanizing) but is well worth the effort as Rubb structural steelwork is virtually corrosion proof.


All Rubb structural steelwork is hot dip zinc galvanized to ASTM A123. Prior to galvanizing, all surfaces are cleared of oil, grease, rust, and debris. Galvanizing coating can also be adapted to suit specific environments by request.

For most projects Rubb fabricates all steel frames in house. Rubb has stringent welding inspection processes and we take pride in our workmanship and doing it right. Rubb has achieved and maintains the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certification.

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