Rubb port warehouses weather the storm

The Storm of October 29, 2017, devastated much of Maine, but Rubb’s rugged reliability shone through.


There were 450,000 residents without power in Maine alone, wind gusts up to 70mph, trees down everywhere, all schools and universities were closed: this was the reality of the most recent weather event to hit Maine and the east coast of the US.


Of the estimated 100 or more Rubb fabric buildings currently in Maine, only one structure sustained damage worthy of a service call.


‘Rubb 4’, a 115’ x 150’ x 16’ BVL, built in 1995 at Merrill Marine Terminal, in Portland, suffered a tear along a welded seam, due to pressure from the wind gusts. The fabric clad warehouse, named ‘Rubb 4’ by terminal operator Sprague Energy (they have 7 Rubb structures at the terminal), still has its original roof membrane.


The Rubb Service Team will repair this issue in the next few days and the Rubb building will not lose a single day of operations.


Chuck Auger, Rubb USA Marketing Manager, said: “Faced with a major wind and rain event, more than 100 buildings hit by a massive storm and only one relatively minor tear on a 22 year old structure, Rubb has once again demonstrated proven structural reliability you can trust. Can your business tolerate anything less?”</p>


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