Maine Salt storage barn

Maine Department of Transportion

Rubb USA supported the Department of Transportation in Maine ‘s with a custom structure without traditional steel gable ends to serve as a salt shed

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Military mro centre

Oklahoma MROTC Hangar

Rubb supports Boeing and the United States Air Force, for the Oklahoma Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Technical Center.

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Rubb Equestrian Barn

Challenge Unlimited Equestrian Facility

Rubb provided Challenge Unlimited in Massachusetts with an all-season equestrian training custom designed structure.

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Rocket building

Wallops Island Flight Facility

Rubb worked closely with the Wallops Island Flight Facility engineers to provided a custom designed moveable rocket shelter.

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LAX cargo facility

United Airlines LAX Cargo Terminal

Rubb provided a very effective solution for United Airlines Los Angeles with an identifying, coding and cargo handling facility.

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philadelphia port store warehouse

Philadelphia Port Authority Warehouse

Rubb USA helped The Port of Philadelphia with an urgent requirement to cover over one hundred thousand square feet of storage space at the Tioga Marine Terminal.

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Mineral storage warehouse

Silver and Baryte Minerals Storage

Rubb USA supplied and installed a 130’ x 433’ bulk storage warehouse for a Silver & Baryte in the Alabama area.

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L-3 Communications

Rubb provided L-3 Communications with a cost effective three bay MRO Aircraft hangar for storage and maintenance of aircraft.

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Port Arthur Transit Storage Warehouse

Rubb provided the Port of Arthur a 220` x 525` BVE Range bi-link structure which provides an additional 100,000 square feet of transit storage space.

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