philadelphia port store warehouse

Philadelphia Port Authority Warehouse

Rubb USA helped The Port of Philadelphia with an urgent requirement to cover over one hundred thousand square feet of storage space at the Tioga Marine Terminal.

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Mineral storage warehouse

Silver and Baryte Minerals Storage

Rubb USA supplied and installed a 130’ x 433’ bulk storage warehouse for a Silver & Baryte in the Alabama area.

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L-3 Communications

Rubb provided L-3 Communications with a cost effective three bay MRO Aircraft hangar for storage and maintenance of aircraft.

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Port Arthur Transit Storage Warehouse

Rubb provided the Port of Arthur a 220` x 525` BVE Range bi-link structure which provides an additional 100,000 square feet of transit storage space.

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United Airlines MIA Cargo Warehouse

Rubb provided United Airlines Miami with an twin span airport air cargo storage facility 101.7ft span x 400ft long.

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Biomass pellet storage facility

E.ON Energy Biomass Facility

Rubb complete its tallest structure to date and first biomass fuel processing and storage facility to energy giant E.ON UK.

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southwest twin hangar

Southwest Airlines / AirTran Airways

Rubb provided AirTran, now Southwest in Atlanta with a super size MRO aircraft hangar to house two Boeing 717s side by side.

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Canton Port Warehouse

Canton Port Services Warehouse

Rubb USA provided Canton Port Services with a large twin span port bulk storage fabric warehouse to cater for additional logistical demand

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California temporary facilities

University of California Temporary Library

Rubb provided University of California with temporary facilities while their library was seismically reinforced.

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