Rubb named top North American Texyloop recycler

This month, Rubb Building Systems, a design, engineering and production company of clearspan fabric tension structures and buildings, recycled 15 tons of polyester-PVC material with Serge Ferrari’s Texyloop program. This is the third time Rubb has used Serge Ferrari’s recycling program to dispose of its collected manufacturing scrap waste. The company has recycled a total of 40 tons in 5 years, making Rubb Building Systems the top North America recycler in Serge Ferrari’s Texyloop recycling program.


As Serge Ferrari North America’s official and excusive Texyloop collection partner since 2012, Rubb Building Systems has paved the way for recycling of polyester-PVC in North America. The company recycles everything it can, including carboard, steel, paper, and PVC, and works to be as energy efficient as possible. “It’s a part of our business culture”, says Chuck Auger, Rubb’s Marketing Manager. As a provider of temporary building solutions, the company also sees it as an important benefit to customers as well. “Though not a deciding factor in our customers’ decision making, Rubb is confident that our commitment to sustainability is important and expected by our customers,” adds Chuck.


The Texyloop recycling program was developed by Serge Ferrari to recycle its own polyester-PVC flexible composite material. Texyloop transforms 100% of the polyester-PVC materials into new raw materials used in other industries. For example, the recycled PVC could be made into membranes for water retention ponds or kedar rods, and the recycled polyester could be used in insulation or fabric for clothing. The Texyloop recycling plant is located in Ferrare, Italy. To date, Serge Ferrari and its recycling partners have saved more than 776 tons of composite materials from landfills.