Rubb insulated fabric building in the Arctic Circle

Rubb is teaming up with the National Science Foundation, CH2M and Hill Polar Services to create a research support facility at Summit Station on the Greenland Ice Cap.


Rubb was asked to design, engineer and deliver a 32’ x 97’ Rubb BVR structure to be delivered to the Greenland Ice Cap (altitude 10,531ft) nearly 250 miles from the nearest point of land.


Knowing that the building must be flown in via a C-130 sled aircraft, then erected atop a sled like platform, then pulled via snow cats into place in weather rarely above 0F is certainly a novel and exciting task for the Rubb team.


According to Drew Johnson, Rubb Project Manager: “We needed to test build the BVR at Rubb in Sanford (ME) to verify that erection will be successful at Summit Station.”


With limited equipment available and harsh weather conditions, all site related variables must be considered. Part of the actual structure was erected in Rubb’s yard by the Polar Services crew.


Says Johnson: “Due to site limitations and conditions we wanted to practice and try to replicate the conditions we will encounter roughly 2500 miles north of Sanford.”


Now that “spring training” on the Greenland building is complete the structure will be disassembled and the steel hot-dip galvanized. Then the BVR will be packed and flown to Summit Station for erection in June, when the weather is at its mildest (a high of 10F and lows well below zero) and the sun shines 24 hours a day.


Long time Rubb site supervisor and current key account salesman Marc Boutet will join the Polar Field Services team to provide technical support. “I’ve been in a lot of interesting places working for Rubb but this is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity; I won’t be bringing my surfboard!” he says.


Rubb is looking forward to monitoring and continuing to report on this exciting project. Stay tuned for more reports from “nearly” the North Pole.


The Rubb BVR going to Greenland will be insulated with Rubb’s patented Thermohall® Insulation System (8” thick). This thermofabric blanket has an R-value of 35 (.19W/m2K) to protect the contents from the extreme conditions. Find out more about Rubb Thermohall®.


The PVC cladding on the Greenland structure is high quality Serge-Ferrari 28oz/yd2 coated PVC.


Pictured to the right is the Summit Station campus along with its location in Greenland. For more information on Summit Station and the work that goes on there please visit their website at