Rubb helps add finishing touches Hawaii Project

While at a recent service visit to the Hawaiian Air cargo and maintenance facility in Honolulu, Rubb Service Manager Conor Larsen was asked to help with an interesting task.

Hawaiian Air maintenance director James Kennedy had obtained an American flag and needed help hanging it inside the Rubb hangar.

Conor found time to exceed the customer’s expectations and hang the Stars and Stripes in a suitable location.

Rubb created the maintenance hangar and air cargo facility for expanding operations at Honolulu International Airport (HNL).

Each structure features a clear span width of 83.3m (275ft), with the maintenance hangar measuring 105.7m (347ft) long and the air cargo facility 57.9m (190ft) long. The maintenance hangar includes a 72.2m (236.75ft) wide, five panel Megadoor.