Rubb has Zero Tolerance for building failure



Proper structural engineering isn’t an art… it’s a science.



A message from Rubb President Dave Nickerson


Proper design and engineering of fabric structures (or any structure for that matter) should never be compromised. In my 34 years at Rubb, our business philosophy has never changed: integrity, innovation, customer satisfaction and quality come first.


In recent years we have noticed a profit-driven shift in the fabric building industry to include “creative interpretations of building codes” which has damaged the reputation of our industry and in some cases has caused injury and financial loss. All of this due to poor engineering and “cutting corners”.


With this in mind, Rubb has launched what we are calling the Rubb “Tolerance Campaign”. The goal of this effort is simple: To educate consumers and customers to look more deeply and ask the tough technical questions before making a decision to purchase a building. Can your company “tolerate” building failure, “tolerate” code violations, “tolerate” safety issues, or “tolerate” financial or reputational risk?


Of course, the answer is zero. But you may not know the risks hidden inside a building’s structure or design unless you know the right questions to ask. We’re here to provide those questions; and Rubb will always provide answers with complete transparency. If you want a second opinion, we’re here to help.


There’s a reason Rubb’s motto is “excellence in engineering”…don’t tolerate anything less.


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David C. Nickerson

Rubb President & Director