Rubb fabric building “Super typhoon proof”

Super-typhoon Chan-Hom passed over the island of Okinawa in early July 2015. With recorded top end gusts of 112 mph and sustained winds of 74 mph one would expect significant damage to most structures exposed to such a forceful storm.


By all accounts and appearances the Rubb Building on Okinawa (pictured above) survived the Typhoon very well. According to David Wilde, an ADS INC (end user responsible for the Rubb Building) representative in the Japan region “The Rubb fabric building has performed flawlessly for this typhoon season. During the first week of July, Okinawa was hit with Super Typhoon Chan-hom. Peak gust were clocked between 80-110 mph according to different reports. There is absolutely no signs of any damage or wear and there are no issues to report”.


The Rubb BVR Building was engineered and designed to withstand ultimate wind gusts of up to 212mph per the IBC 2012 code. According to Rubb chief engineer Gary Sutryn “ Rubb designed the building with careful implementation of code requirement and attention to detail”. Excellence in engineering, the Rubb way. The Okinawa building is 50’ X 60’ with 14’ sidewalls. It has 3 roller shutter doors and a state of the art dehumidification system designed to protect valuable assets. The building was completed in late 2014.


Rubb Building Systems prides itself on providing reliable and rugged building solutions for a variety of needs. We’ve been exceeding expectations for over 30 years and if flawlessly surviving typhoon season is any indication, Rubb’s quality and attention to detail should speak for itself.