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Detailed specs

Detailed specs

View design and building specifications for all steel-frame structures and features.

Materials used

Materials used

Understand the materials, their uses, life expectancy, and durability.

High standards

High standards

Ensure our designs exceed expectations while proving to be a valuable ROI.

Built beyond spec

Built beyond spec

Cross-check our standards with your code requirements.

Transparency from the start

Have peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best with Rubb. We value keeping our clients informed. From the materials we use to how we use them and what they are used for, we record and provide all of the information for every structure. You have a question – we have an answer. That’s how it’s done at Rubb. Want to see how we build? Review our Design Standards today.

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Built beyond spec

Ground Snow Load

Upwards of 100 psf

Seismic activity zones

Categories A-D

High wind speeds

Up to 180 mph

Collateral loads

Negative pressure, HVAC, fire suppression, and more

Fire resistance

Class 1 flame-spread rating

The highest standard in the industry

Our structures are built to or beyond code, making Rubb fabric buildings the choice in every market. Fill out your information below, and we’ll send you a copy of our Design Standards so you can see the Rubb difference yourself.

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