Refurbishment covered for port building

The Rubb cargo storage building in Port Arthur, Texas is getting a makeover.

Originally built in 2002, and having withstood numerous extreme weather events, along with an internal fire which destroyed some of the covering fabric, Rubb has been tasked with replacing the PVC.

The Rubb crew will be on site for 4-6 weeks completing the project. The Port Arthur building is a 110ft span (x2) x 525ft long x 32ft twin link structure in the busy Port of Port Arthur.

With average daily temperatures in the mid 90°F (33-36°C) along with perpetually high humidity, Rubb Site Manager Scott Dyer had to devise a plan to keep his crew safe, healthy and productive. Having previously worked on a few Rubb projects in extreme conditions, Scott rented a ‘Cool Down Corral’ for the Rubb crew. This is a covered bench on a trailer with a large fan, which provides a cool fresh water mist. This allows the crew to cool down their body temperature, rehydrate and refresh. Scott said: “It’s extremely hot up on the roof and the guys can only last so long. The Corral is a godsend for morale and keeps us healthy and on schedule.”

Many thanks to the hard working Rubb crew in Port Arthur including Steve Gagnon, Rob Lane, Dave Sobus, Marshall Painchaud, Nate Starbird, Mike Dymond Tom Caddigan.