batam island paint and blast facility external

Twin structures support blast and paint operations

Batam Island, Indonesia

batam island paint and blast facility external

Two large Rubb blast and paint structures are helping support expanding operations at a fabrication facility on Batam Island, Indonesia.

Rubb’s steel frame, membrane clad, high wall building solution allows McDermott International to perform large-scale sandblasting and painting in-house.  This both reduces cost and improves the turnaround time for painting and blasting of major fabrication projects on the McDermott site, which covers 297 acres.

Rubb has provided two BVE type structures, measuring 180 ft span width x 200 ft long to McDermott. The sidewall height of each structure is 39 ft. The steel framed roof is clad with white PVC impregnated polyester fabric material and the walls feature the equivalent cladding in gray. Each structure includes a 144 ft x 41 ft vertical lifting door framework with Megadoor® and four personnel doors.

Rubb buildings can be used for all forms of abrasive blasting and are ideal for industrial and fabrication operations. Rubb provides both insulated and non-insulated facilities. As standard, the structures are supplied with a post-fabrication hot-dip galvanized steel structural frame system, engineered to building code requirements for wind, snow and seismic loads.

For the blasting operations, McDermott required a sealed building so the blasting grit could be recycled. The blast paint facilities incorporate air extraction systems, as well as climate and humidity controls, to enable precise environment management for rapid production times and high-quality results. The paint cell has been ventilated to meet the requirements of the paint specifications. The painting, blasting, grit recovery and ventilation systems were installed by Singapore company Asia Airblast.

The fabrication facilitiesat Batam serve both traditional and floating offshore construction, the growing onshore Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) module market and subsea structure fabrication markets.

McDermott has repositioned itself to take advantage of the resurgence of global oil and gas projects, with plenty of opportunities for business across the region. With a revitalized and re-established commercial presence in Southeast Asia the company is also looking at quite a number of significant onshore opportunities in the refining and petrochemical sectors.

batam island paint and blast facility external

We have seen an increase in demand for Rubb climate and temperature controlled blast and paint halls in aviation and the off-shore industry. Our well-engineered structures can be easily fitted out with specialist equipment to be utilized as blasting and paint facilities, including overhead cranes and ducting. Proper ventilation in a paint structure is critical. If air is moved too fast, the paint laydown is affected. The user also needs to capture VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in the exhaust air. Our structures can be fitted with energy recovery systems to provide significant energy savings. Rubb structures are a proven and cost-effective solution for blasting and painting operations, and fully compatible with effective VOC abatement, HVAC, specialist lighting and fire suppression systems.

Rubb USA President David Nickerson

The Rubb Group has recently completed a number of paint and blast facilities, including a project for Barrier Ltd, Wilton Engineering, a paint facility for wind turbine blades onboard a UK ship, blast and coat Thermohall® structures at Newport News Shipyard, as well as the facility in Indonesia for McDermott International. Rubb also supplied a similar Rubb facility for aviation blast and paint operations in Indonesia for Batam Aero Technic (BAT) the maintenance, repair and overhaul arm of the Lion Air Group.

Rubb’s manufacturing, storage and blasting facilities are being used to increase production capacity, maximizing return on investment. Rubb has the capability to adapt and customize structures to fit customer needs, even in environments where options may seem limited. These structures improve the turnaround times for painting and blasting of major offshore fabrication.

Rubb buildings are noted for their quality components, flexibility in design, energy efficiency, and quick construction. With little or no maintenance, Rubb is the industry leader in cost effective storage solutions. Buildings can be equipped with Rubb’s patented Thermohall® insulation system and can support most door systems along with HVAC, dehumidification and lighting, cranes, fall protection and other systems.

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