Sprague Energy Climate Controlled Warehouse

Portland Maine, USA

Built in 2006 and located along Portland Maine’s waterfront, Sprague Energy’s new climate controlled warehouse at the Merrill Marine Terminal is the crown jewel and seventh Rubb structure at this active port facility.

Used primarily for conditioning high quality newsprint, the 54,000 square foot (5,000 m2) intermodal facility is truly state of the art. In addition to an array of doors, dock seals, dock levelers, rail canopies, and 60 foot candle lighting system, the 170′ x 320′ (52m x 98m) BVE range structure utilizes a sophisticated air turnover and environmental control system.

This system was designed and integrated by Protec, Inc. of North Hampton, NH.

The system’s capabilities include a two million BTU heater system working with a dehumidification system that delivers 4500 cubic feet (127m3) of dry air per minute. The system’s overall function is to automatically heat the building as required, to maintain the interior environment with no condensation on stored product or building surfaces year round, and also to control carbon monoxide levels when vehicles operate within the structure

This climate controlled structure, as previously mentioned, is one of seven Rubb buildings at the terminal. The oldest Rubb Building on Portland harbor, appropriately called Rubb 1 was erected in 1983 and still has its original PVC cladding. Nearly 40 years and going strong!

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