City of Sanford Salt Barn

City of Sanford Salt Barn

Sanford, Maine

Completed in 2010 Rubb provided a salt storage barn allowing the City of Sanford to purchase and store road salt during the offseason thereby saving considerable tax dollars.

The City of Sanford Municipal Government selected a 70ft (21.34m) x 80ft (24.39m) BVE Rubb structure with 16.4ft (5m) sidewalls.

The storage structure was designed to meet 70 psf ground snow load and 90 mph wind load with a 3 psf collateral. The City of Sanford favored the Rubb design because the white roof provides a naturally lit interior and the structure enables flexibility for future growth.

This structure will provide a salt storage capacity of 2,686 tons. The leg trusses and gable columns are powder coated to provide another layer of protection from the highly caustic nature of salt.

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