TS Aviation MRO Hangars

STS Aviation MRO Hangars

Melbourne, Florida

Rubb USA has supplied two aircraft MRO hangars to STS Aviation in Melbourne, Florida.

The original contract for the hangars was signed back in Fall 2019, with design and fabrication work starting shortly after. However, the project was put on hold in early 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project then recommenced in late 2020, with both hangars being completed in early 2021.

The project includes two 150ft wide x 205ft long x 32.8ft high AVC structures, installed side-by-side with a center gutter/downspout system.

Each hangar includes a 3-panel Megadoor system, with a 130ft clear width opening. Pedestrian access is also provided with four 3ft x 7ft personnel access doors.

The hangars utilize Serge Ferrari’s 1202 membrane, which meets Florida’s “wind-borne debris” building code requirements—a must in high-wind and hurricane-prone regions such as this. This specialized architectural PVC is largely white, but features attractive dark grey cladding to the bottom. The white roof allows natural daylight inside the hangars, illuminating the busy work environments.

Both hangars also utilize foam fire suppression systems used with Group IV (NFPA 409 Fire Code for Aircraft Hangars) membrane hangars. As Rubb’s flame retardant fabric does not spread flame throughout the hangar, this system is in place to protect the valuable aircraft within.

Both hangars were designed for a narrowbody aircraft, so they can accommodate models such as the B737, A320, and A321 aircraft.

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