Portland International Jetport Runway Storage

Portland International Jetport Runway Storage

Portland, Maine

Portland International Jetport Runway Storage

Contracted by the City of Portland, Rubb designed, fabricated and installed this 30ft x 125ft x 13.1ft BVE series building in May 2019.

The 3750sqft structure was procured to provide runway storage support for Portland International Jetport. The building is heated to keep personnel warm during Maine’s chill winters, and equipped with four roller shutter doors, an exhaust system, and a 40 foot Candle LED lighting system.

The sustainability of Rubb’s structures perfectly compliments Portland International Jetport’s Sustainable Airport Master Plan, which aims to improve the airport’s infrastructure with environmental factors in mind. Rubb facilities—temporary or permanent—can be relocated, adapted, expanded or dismantled and stored for future operations to suit changing logistical needs. They can also be sold to new users if no longer required by the existing owners.

We are striving to ensure our structures are fully reusable, as well as working on achieving 100% recyclability for all materials used.

Both Rubb USA and Portland International Jetport are situated in Maine, so we are thrilled for the opportunity to support our local airport with Rubb’s flexible storage solutions.

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