Lion Air Blast & Coat Facility

Lion Air Blast & Coat Facility

Batam Island, Indonesia

Lion Air Blast & Coat Facility

A flexible Rubb solution was selected by Lion Air for its Batam-based blast and coat operation. Since being ordered in 2009, it has become a prime example of the adaptability of Rubb’s structures.

The building was originally designed as a 55m (180ft) span x 112m (367ft) long x 9m (30ft) leg AVC type structure, with a 2m (6.5ft) deep truss and 13cm (5ins) x 13cm (5ins) chords. The structure was provided with one open gable end, no hangar door for additional easy access, and clad in grey and white Ferrari 932S fabric.

It was designed to IBC 2003 for a 12 PSF live load, and 90mph 3-second gust wind speed. The facility was shipped from Rubb USA to Batam in 12m (40ft) ISO containers.

Due to the client’s evolving infrastructure demands, however, the structure was not constructed as initially intended. Instead, the 112m (367ft) long building was halved into two structures of 53m (174ft) long and erected side-by-side, which was made possible by Rubb’s modular design.

As the client’s needs transformed, so did the Rubb structure. This goes to show the stellar adaptability and control clients can receive with Rubb’s structures.

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