kittery point yacht yard storage facility external

Kittery Point Yacht Yard

Kittery, Maine

kittery point yacht yard storage facility external

Rubb hands on deck to create yacht storage facility.

Rubb USA provided a ‘green’ boat storage building at Kittery Point Yacht Yard, USA.

The 70’ x 150’ x 23’ BVE fabric yacht storage building was constructed on the Piscataqua River. This tidal river runs between the states of Maine and New Hampshire. At the mouth of the river is Portsmouth NH and Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, which is a very important and strategic submarine base for the US NAVY.

kittery point yacht yard storage facility internal

Kittery Point Yacht Yard (KPYY) represents Maine’s southernmost full service waterfront repair, storage and maintenance facilities. KPYY has been providing a quality service to commercial mariners, yachtsmen and pleasure boaters from up and down the East Coast for almost 50 years. It provides a gateway to New England’s finest cruising grounds.

The Rubb marine fabric building creates an additional 10,500sq ft storage building at the Eliot facility. This building provides a ‘green storage’ option for vessels up to 65’ in length. It features an opening 28’ in height with a depth of 140’.

The roof is manufactured from a thermal gain translucent material that allows both natural light and heat gain on sunny days. An extensive fan ventilation system manages condensation. An advantage of this type of fabric structure is that on any cold but sunny winter day, the building will have an inside temperature 10 to 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Vessels in this building will have the benefit of an early jump on the spring season.

This fabric boat storage building ensures environmental benefits (reducing the shrink wrap waste stream and low energy consumption), helps reduce wear and tear of annual shrink-wrapping and prevents racking damage to vessels in high winds. The structure’s sign is the first ‘RubbSign’ designed and installed by Rubb. Rubb USA now offers a ‘mega-sign’ design and installation service as part of the total Rubb building package.

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