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City of Saco Salt Storage

Saco, Maine

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Rubb Buildings Systems of Sanford completed work on the newest addition to the City of Saco’s Public Works Department.

The salt storage facility has a span of 18.29m (approx. 60ft) with a length of 113ft, as well as a 20’ x 20’ framed opening on each gable end.

Deputy Public Works Director Chris Gallant officially contracted Rubb for the project in the summer 2014. Rubb engineers designed a custom building and, upon approval of the drawings, erection began in early November and was completed before winter.

The primary use of the facility will be to house large quantities of road salt as well as equipment storage. It will also allow the Saco Public Works Department to pre-purchase and store salt in bulk during the off season, significantly reducing taxpayer cost. Equipment storage has also significantly increased with the installation of the new facility.

The building includes a concrete Bulkblock foundation, hot-dip galvanized steel framing, and PVC coated fabric in white. It can be seen overlooking the highway between exit 32 and 36 on Maine Turnpike I-95.

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