City of Laconia sand storage

City of Laconia Sand Storage

Laconia, New Hampshire

The City of Laconia purchased their original Rubb structure in 2003 for use as a sand storage facility.

Pleased with the performance of their first Rubb building, the city purchased an identical structure 10 years later.

Rubb met the client’s tight schedule to have the building operational which allowed the City of Laconia to stockpile sand in the structure prior to the arrival of winter weather. The structure measures 50’ x 90’ with 16.4’ sidewall and was erected on an I-beam foundation with an inner berm wall constructed of precast blocks.

The structure was designed to an 80 psf ground snow load and 90 mph wind load/3 second gust to handle the harsh winter weather found in New Hampshire.

Can you tell which structure is 10 years older? 

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