Canton Port Services Warehouse
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Canton Port Services Warehouse

Baltimore, Maryland

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Located on the Patapsco River in Baltimore harbor, this 2007 Rubb structure, a 120′ (36.58 m) x 700′ (213.4 m) twin link BVE (total footprint 240′ (73 m) x 700′ (213.4 m)) with a 16.4′ (5 m) leg utilized a modified I-beam foundation with uplift pads and ground anchors. Accessory items included a 20 foot candle lighting system, Cookson roller shutter doors, personnel doors, ventilation fans and louvers, and a heated central gutter system.

  • Total Square Feet: 168,000 (15,613 m²)
  • Interior Volume: 4,966,280 cubic feet (140,630 m³)
  • Miles of wiring: 6.75 (10.86 km)
  • Light fixtures: 84
  • Ground anchors: 470
  • Weight of steel: 893,000 lbs (405,057 kg)
  • PVC membrane material: 149,565 sq feet (13,900 SM)

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