Budehaven School Netball facility

Budehaven School Netball Facility

Cornwall, UK

Budehaven School Netball facility

Netball and tennis are on the curriculum at a Rubb sports hub in Cornwall.

The project started out as a one court tennis facility which grew into a two court facility after more funding was secured. Then the design was changed to also accommodate two netball courts. This involved increasing the height of the building while maintaining the overall footprint. The custom designed sports facility measures 39.5m x 35m with 7.2m high sidewalls of which three metres are steel clad.

Rubb was responsible for providing the steel framed superstructure which is clad with a PVDF coated polyester fabric membrane. Managing Director Ian Hindmoor said: “The steel clad sidewalls add protection and the white fabric allows natural light to penetrate into the building to provide a light and airy atmosphere ideal for both sports. This is the third project of its kind in the area. Rubb has already completed sports complexes for Paignton Community and Sports College and Taunton Vale Sports Club. We are looking forward to seeing the latest facility being used by the pupils of Budehaven School and the local community.”

The new sports facility is an iconic building for both the school and wider communities. It has enabled us to enhance the sporting provision for our 1300 students and feeder primary schools; support the development of two growing sports of netball and tennis in the town, creating centres of excellence and generating new sporting opportunities for all. The netball hub is now at the heart of our school and community leisure provision and will provide a lasting legacy.

Director of Sport and Assistant Headteacher at Budehaven Mrs Denise May MBE

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