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Rubb's Thermohall® is the world’s only flexible insulated fabric system which offers major advantages over other insulating systems.


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Rubb Thermohall® buildings offer flexible insulation R-Values depending on the needs of the customer. Thermohall® R values ranges from R-11(2”) up to R-35(8”). Full HVAC/heating and dehumidification systems are adaptable to Rubb structures.


Thermohall® has minimal or no thermal bridging, thereby eliminating or greatly reducing condensation and enhancing thermal efficiency. Thermohall® provides a full vapor seal, is water repellent and absorbs neither moisture or odors.


Technical regulations and guidelines set standards for both sound and fire insulation. Our patented insulated fabric cladding system satisfies the requirements for sound passage reduction, essential for customers near roads or airports. In addition to the fabric’s unique strength, it is long lasting, and low (if any) maintenance is required throughout the life of the building.

Thermohall® technical specification

Explore Rubb’s patented Thermohall® insulated cladding system, which delivers many cost-effective and eco-friendly benefits.

Thermohall® fabric can be used to clad all Rubb structure types. Insulation can be supplied in thicknesses from 2in to 6in, providing the best cost-saving thermal solution.


Thickness U Value (SI) W/m2K R Value (US) ft-F-hr/BTU
2in 0.67 W/m2K R11
4in 0.36 W/m2K R19
6in 0.25 W/m2K R27

Outer layer
Flame retardant heavy duty fabric

High-density glass wool insulation

Inner layer
Self-cleaning PVC fabric


Any damage to PVC cladding or Thermohall can be repaired easily and inexpensively. Rubb has a responsive Service Department for any maintenance repairs or for preventative maintenance. The Rubb 20/20 is our highly effective and affordable 20 year service warranty.


Thermohall® is a heavy duty PVC fabric with a long life (20+ years). The insulation features high density non-combustible glass wool insulation encapsulated within a heavy duty PVC fabric, which is designed and manufactured in-house to suit site specific project requirements. All materials are of the highest quality.


All materials used in Rubb structures can be relocated and often reused. No materials from Rubb structures are considered to create any toxic or hazardous waste. Steel can be recycled through various means and PVC can be recycled. Rubb strives to reduce its carbon footprint whenever possible.

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