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Code considerations for fabric buildings

The International Building Code (IBC) provides code guidance for fabric structures in Chapter 31 – Special Construction. Issues regarding fabric structures are addressed separately from conventional buildings, which are covered in Chapter 6 – Types of Construction. Noncombustible membrane structures, which include Rubb buildings, are considered Type IIB construction, which allows for a lower level of fire-resistance than combustible Type I construction.

Please consider the following:

  • Snow slide: In order to achieve code compliance fabric buildings must be designed to withstand the local snow load. Any language or design anticipating snow sliding off the roof is not code compliant as the snow doesn’t always slide off the roof.
  • Stamping: Does your engineer have record of proper credentials? In state? Proper engineering discipline?
  • Occupancy: Is the occupancy risk category correct?
  • Code reference: Does building code reference match the local codes?
  • Foundation: Is foundation properly engineered? Are foundation force calculations available?
  • Wind load: Does designed wind load match local code for wind?
  • Building Calculations: Are they available to be reviewed?

In Rubb’s 35+ years of engineering and designing fabric buildings we have noticed a lot of under-engineered structures that do not comply to essential building codes. In the spirit of ‘doing it right’ and public safety we strongly abide by all relevant codes and recommend the adherence to codes to all our valued clients.

Rubb has zero tolerance for building failure or code violations.

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