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To create the perfect working environment, Rubb structures can incorporate heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and dehumidification.



As standard, the Rubb building is supplied with vent openings in the gables to allow some natural ventilation. Other openings can be positioned in the sidewalls to provide a higher level of natural ventilation. These openings can be fitted with ventilation fans to provide the recommended number of air changes per hour to suit the activity within the building. Special ventilation i.e. paint spray, fumes, soot and exhaust extraction can also be accommodated within our structures.

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Air conditioning

Air conditioning can be provided for the whole or specific areas within the building to suit the clients’ requirements. In general, all other pipe services, e.g. compressed air, water, gas or oil can be installed.


Rubb can also provide and install comprehensive heating installations designed to comply with individual requirements and locations. We can utilize existing sources on site, i.e. gas, LPG, electric etc. Heating units including the re-circulation types can be located either inside or outside the building and supplied with various types of ductwork to provide the correct environmental conditions for the activity within the building.


It is commonly held that storage structures must be heated to prevent moisture problems. This is not the case and savings of up to 75% can be made using dehumidification as compared to heating. Due to the fact that Rubb structures are covered in a virtually air tight fabric they are ideal for dehumidified storage. A ground sheet can easily be welded to the sidewalls to prevent rising damp from any existing floor slab. Rubb can supply complete dehumidified storage systems for use in existing warehouses and other buildings.


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