Port Arthur warehouse gets hurricane ready

Annual preventative maintenance programme update 


Built in 2002, the 220ft x 525ft bi-link storage warehouse at Port Arthur received some TLC ahead of the annual hurricane season.


Rubb Service Manager Conor Larsen recently spent a full week at the massive Rubb port warehouse in the Port of Port Arthur, Texas, doing preventative maintenance on the building. 


Located in an area frequently hit by tropical storms and hurricanes, the service visit has now become an annual scheduled event.


On the agenda: “Clean and repair the gutters, tighten any loose cables, perform preventative maintenance on the door systems… all the things that should be looked at before hurricane season,” states Larsen. 


Ever since Hurricane Rita came through in 2005 with its 180 mph winds, the Port’s management has requested Rubb do a yearly preventative visit.  “Hurricane Rita destroyed many buildings in the area however we are proud to say the Rubb structure survived the event despite sustaining some damage,” explains Larsen.  “Rubb designs buildings to always meet and often exceed local codes: rugged and reliable and built to withstand whatever nature sends its way.” 


Reflecting upon his June 2018 visit to Port Arthur, Conor replied: “The food in the area is outstanding but the weather is a little hot for this Maine boy!”


Explore Rubb’s preventative service www.rubbusa.com/services/rubb-service-plan/ – another value- added benefit of Rubb Building systems.