Passing quality standard with flying colors

Rubb Passes ISO Re-Certification


Rubb USA has successfully passed an external audit conducted by SGS, re-certifying Rubb as ISO 9001-2015 compliant.


SGS is a multinational company which provides testing services relating to the quality of products, systems and services and related procedures. SGS checks and documents that compliant companies meet the standards set forth by governments or industry standardization bodies.


Procedures are the agreed way that Rubb undertakes the various activities that go together to make the finished product, through sales, design, purchasing, manufacturing and delivery. These reflect good practices and meet the requirements of ISO 9001. In order to ensure the system works smoothly there are some additional procedures that control the system, including audits, non-compliances and management reviews.


Rubb Marketing Manager Chuck Auger commented“Much thanks goes to the many Rubb employees whose hard work ensures that Rubb provides the highest quality product and standards in the industry. Long time Rubb employee Bob Normandeau (currently in sales, but formerly Rubb quality control manager) volunteered to guide Rubb through the intricate re-certification process.”


Bob took part in a Q&A to take clients behind the scenes of the ISO process…


How long did the full audit take, how long was SGS here and what did they look at?


SGS was here for two full days and spent a few more days working up reports. Everyone presumes ISO is about internal quality reports and testing but it’s much more. SGS studied Rubb’s internal management processes regarding ISO along with the company hierarchy, operations, improvement plans, external support mechanisms, training programs and documentation… it’s incredibly thorough.


Why is ISO certification important to Rubb and how does it affect our customers?


ISO certification is required prior to doing business with the US government and its agencies. Larger corporations will look more favorably upon companies practicing ISO standards. Rubb customers, everyone for that matter, should always ask if the company they are doing business with is ISO certified.


I heard Rubb only had two non-conformances after the audit was completed? What were they and how were they remedied?


Yes, I’m proud to say that SGS only found two areas of concern: one was the lack of formal minutes at the Rubb Management meeting where the internal ISO plan was reviewed. That was fixed immediately. The second area of non-conformance was the lack of ‘quarantine’ areas where sub-standard parts are stored prior to disposal. Both of these were easy fixes. Overall, I’m very happy with the process and the quality of Rubb operations.


Do you like being the ISO/Standards ‘guy’?


Yes, though sometimes I need to be very ‘picky and prickly’. The knowledge really helps me with sales… I feel very strongly that Rubb does it right.