‘Outstanding support’ from Rubb Service

A dedicated Rubb Service Manager has been presented with an award from Raytheon for going beyond the call of duty.

Traveling to remote parts of Israel and Turkey may sound intriguing and glamorous but it is quite the opposite. Hard work, heat, security delays, lack of supplies, language barriers, long travel hours and the ever present safety concerns can be exhausting.

However this did not deter Rubb Service Manager Conor Larsen from providing a first-class service and more to Rubb clients Raytheon. He had just finished some scheduled work on inspecting and repairing Rubb fabric buildings and had a little extra time on his hands. He began repairing some issues with other fabric structures on site. Conor explained: “I was there and I saw the military guys struggling with patching a few problem areas with non-Rubb buildings, so I decided to help. Winter is coming and these guys were getting cold.”

For his ‘beyond the call’ efforts, the Site Manager at site R-6 (in Turkey) presented Conor with a plaque acknowledging his efforts. Conor said: “I certainly didn’t expect anything and was surprised; it’s great to be recognized and it sure made the 18 hour flight home go faster!”

The plaque reads: “For your outstanding support during the 4th Quarter QMP from 16-26 October 2017. Your can-do spirit, sound judgement, attention to safety, humor, and tireless efforts were key to the thorough preparation of the tent vestibule for winter and the successful installation of equipment brackets on the asset tent.

“Your professionalism and diligence ensured that Site K accomplished these important tasks in the safest, most mistake-free, and environmentally sound manner possible. We offer our thanks and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.”

Chuck Auger

Marketing Manager