Maine welding interns receive a warm welcome

Rubb’s new Welding Internship Program is now underway.

Four Sanford vocational/technical students have begun a summer internship at Rubb USA.  “We’re all having fun and learning a lot,” says Rubb intern and Sanford High School student Alyssa Decker about her first week as a welding intern at Rubb.

Under the tutelage of Steel Shop Manager Derek Gauvreau and Assistant Manager Rob Lane, the four interns: Adreanna Larivierre, Ben Harvey, Joe Wessling and Alyssa Decker have commenced on a summer long learning experience.

“I’m really impressed with the attitude of doing everything the right way.  The welders here do it right and want to teach it right… they really take pride in their work,”  states Joe Wessling.

Sanford Vocational/Technical High School has always had a reputation for producing high quality and well prepared workers.  After some initial contact between school administrators and Rubb Management, an inaugural internship was developed with plans of making this an annual opportunity.

Rubb HR Director Joe Hyatt explains: “Clearly safety is our first concern with the kids, but our guys have really embraced the program and are enjoying sharing their knowledge… it’s truly a win-win situation.”  The overall goal of the program is to provide real world experience for these local students and give them an advantage when they enter the workforce.

For Rubb, the internship program is an integral aspect of the company’s values whereby Rubb’s success is dependent on the collaborative, team-oriented working relationships we have with our employees, contractors and local communities.  Rubb strives to be a well-respected employer and supports the efforts of local schools.

States Rubb President Dave Nickerson: “As a Sanford High grad, I am extremely proud that Rubb is able to give back to the community and provide real opportunities for local students.  I am also equally proud of the staff here at Rubb for their enthusiastic support of the intern program.”

Please stay tuned for further news about the internship program throughout the summer.