Air Cargo Americas 2019

Air Cargo Americas 2019

Explore Rubb cargo warehouses at Booth 615 at the Air Cargo Americas 2019 exhibition.



Miami, Florida
Miami Airport & Convention Center




Join Rubb at Air Cargo Americas 2019 | Rubb USA


29-31 October, 2019

Join the cargo movement with Rubb

Discover the world of Rubb cargo warehouses at Air Cargo Americas 2019. The team will be meeting customers and prospects related to air cargo operations, transportation, exports and imports.


Our cargo warehouse experts will be available across the three days of the show. Rubb USA will be available to deliver advice about all aspects and advantages of fabric engineered cargo warehouses.


Find out how the unique advantages of Rubb’s high quality, affordable, flexible and adaptable structures can benefit airports, exporters, freight forwarders, shippers, importers, consignees, equipment and technology suppliers.


Rubb’s climate control features will definitely be of interest those at the conference, so be sure to ask our team about Thermohall®, the best and most eco-friendly of insulated storage buildings on the market today, perfect for any climate controlled storage facilities. Rubb Thermohall® buildings offer flexible insulation R-Values, ranging from R-11(2”) up to R-35(8”). Full HVAC/heating and dehumidification systems are also adaptable to Rubb structures.


Rubb storage warehouses can be quickly installed on site, but also can be modified, extended or even moved to suit changing operational needs. This allows ends users flexibility in how they operate and use their cargo warehouse space.


Topics at the show will include security, regional consolidation, manufacturer and shipper needs in high growth cargo, trade facilitation, improving productivity, speed and service quality, responding to market changes and demands from shippers, consolidators and forwarders, and controlling costs while streamlining customer services.


Explore how Rubb Building Systems can help you meet your logistics and cargo storage goals at Booth 615 at the Miami Airport & Convention Center in Miami, Florida, 29-31 October, 2019.

Cargo Projects

United Airlines HNL cargo facility
United Airlines HNL Cargo Facility

United Airlines HNL Cargo Facility

Rubb USA provided United Airlines with an alternative warehouse solution, a cost effective twin span cargo storage facility.

LAX cargo facility
United Airlines LAX Cargo Terminal

United Airlines LAX Cargo Terminal

Rubb provided a very effective solution for United Airlines Los Angeles with an identifying, coding and cargo handling facility.

United Airlines MIA Cargo Warehouse

United Airlines MIA Cargo Warehouse

Rubb provided United Airlines Miami with an twin span airport air cargo storage facility 101.7ft span x 400ft long.

merrill port warehouses
Sprague Energy

Sprague Energy

Rubb provided Sprague Energy on Portland Maine’s waterfront with a custom designed, climate controlled storage building.

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