Hangar Upgrade at Will Rogers Airport


Hangar upgrades are set to help an Oklahoma City airport expand aviation and MRO services. 


Rubb USA has helped to expand OKC’s maintenance and repair capabilities by attaching two new fabric covered MRO hangar extensions onto existing hangars.  


Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City was facing a challenge:  How to modernize existing older hangars and expand the airport’s ability to service larger planes? However, this all needed to be done on a limited budget and within a tight timeline.  


Enter Rubb Building Systems of Sanford, Maine. With design help from Oklahoma based FSB Architects and Engineers, a plan to provide the airport with needed hangar modernization and added space was devised. As a result, two steel framed, fabric covered hangar extensions were designed and manufactured for the airport. 


The Rubb hangar extensions measure 45.7m (150ft) wide by 27.1m (89ft) long for Hangar A and 13.7m (45ft) long for Hangar B.  Both hangars have 9.1m (30ft) legs and are engineered to support three-panel Assa-Abloy Megadoors.  “What a challenge!” proclaimed Rubb Head Engineer Gary Sutryn.  “In my 35 years here at Rubb, this was one of our more challenging projects.”   


The challenges surrounding a publicly funded project are always difficult. However, Rubb has worked with both FSB and Megadoor on complex projects in the past, which provided plenty of expertise. “We always love a challenge,” states Rubb President Dave Nickerson.  “This was an intricate project requiring precise engineering, all combined with working cooperatively with a GC, architect, the state of Oklahoma and the Airport Commission.  At the end of the day the results have everyone smiling.” 


Expanding Aviation Facilities


Many airports across America are facing similar challenges – how to expand services and facilities within a taxpayer-friendly budget.  


According to Rubb Sales Executive Sean Hickey: “Rubb’s ability to flexibly adapt our structures allows airports such as OKC to modernize and upgrade services.  In this case, Rubb’s engineering and highly professional installation team were able to bring together the new with the old… a win-win for the airport, the tenant (AAR) and the taxpayer.”