Celebrating 40 years of Rubb USA

40 years ago, industry innovator Finn Haldorsen expanded Rubb into the USA following success in both his Norwegian homeland and the UK. Sanford, Maine was chosen to establish Rubb USA in 1983 due to the region’s history of expert metal fabrication, shipbuilding, and strong work ethic.

Haldorsen hired a young Cornell engineering graduate to set up Rubb USA on the New England coast. David Nickerson was 23 years old when he walked through the doors. Now he’s in his 41st year at Rubb and has been Rubb USA’s President/CEO for almost 20 years.

“When I started off here as a kid I loved to design and build things. I still get to do that every day.”

David Nickerson, President/CEO.

Built rugged, built right

David and Chief Engineer Gary Sutryn, PE who also started with Rubb 40 years ago, established Rubb USA as a leader in the design, manufacturing, and construction of fabric-clad buildings throughout North America.  Thanks to their and the Rubb team’s stewardship, the company has experienced an ever-increasing demand for clear-span, code-compliant, relocatable buildings which today are built in clear spans up to 300’ and clad with fabric, metal, and other materials to suit customer needs.

Rubb’s products have evolved from durable coastal solutions to highly sought-after and affordable building technology. Used by the US military and renowned companies worldwide, Rubb has a flawless track record and a reputation for excellence in engineering.

Proudly made in Maine, USA.
2919 video.

Excellence in engineering

“Engineering is something that’s really important to us as a company. We stand for building things correctly, following the codes, and making sure our customers and their products are safe.”

Adhering to these core values has earned Rubb USA record sales in 2023. Rubb’s aviation sector is a major contributor to this, with several leading companies in the industry trusting Rubb with their projects.

“When you’re putting a $100 million aircraft inside a hangar you want to make sure that when the wind blows, the ground shakes, or the snow falls that the building will be there.”

Born in Norway, made in USA

Rubb’s Sanford, Maine location is home to its design, steel, and PVC production facilities, providing local jobs for over 75 experienced engineers, drafters, fabricators, site installers and business professionals. Everyone works towards one goal: delivering the world’s toughest fabric-clad structures.

This matters to the people that come to work here every day.

Steve’s in his 40th year at Rubb.

Sense of family

“When I see one of our buildings, you instantly know it’s a Rubb building. You always get that sense of family,” says Steve Gagnon, who has also been with Rubb USA since the start. This year marks his 40th at Rubb where he has served a number of roles in fabrication and on site. Steve’s son, Matt, joined Rubb in 2008 as a drafting intern and became Rubb USA’s General Manager in 2022.

Rubb USA is full of generation-spanning success stories. The secret to the company’s expertise and experience is its family business ethos and low staff turnover. The hard work and dedication of the men and women of Rubb has delivered outstanding results for each of its 40 years.

I get to work with great people. People here in the company, customers, and partner companies and suppliers. People that have become friends. Why would I want to do anything else?

President/CEO, Rubb, Inc.
David Nickerson