Rubb buildings can be fitted with any door arrangement. Larger doors are preferably located in the gable ends. Doors up to 4.6m width (depending on building configuration) can be fitted in the side of a building as standard. For customized projects, larger doors in the side are possible.


Our standard doors are as follows:


Vertical Lifting Fabric Doors

Rubb is proud to partner with industry leading door suppliers on many projects where entry (door system) operations are mission critical. Rubb engineers and fabricates the hot dip galvanized frame system for these best in class door systems.   Unlike many of our competitors the Rubb door frame system is incorporated within the building design providing a cost-effective and long term entry solution.  Providing the lowest air leakage rates in the industry these door systems can be designed to meet the needs of the largest span Rubb structures. 


Roller Shutter Doors

Rubb can supply all sizes of industrial roller shutter doors. Rubb can also offer custom sizes doors if needed. All doors incorporate a motor drive system with built in safety against door falling out of control. Doors can be electrically operated via press button and can be combined with various safety devices:

  • Optional Plastisol coated or Powder coat finish
  • Optional hood and motor hood covers and flashings
  • Optional ATEX compliance
  • Optional wind lock guides available for wind resistance class 5
  • Choice of operators including push button, security key switch or automatic controlled.


Sliding Aircraft Doors

When it comes to oversized sliding aircraft hangar doors Rubb only uses the best products available.

Rubb designs and engineers the framework of the structure to incorporate the weight and stress of the door systems.  The robust design of our buildings allows for this, thereby saving the customer significant money in extra door system support.

Access Door

Rubb can supply a wide range of access doors and emergency exit doors with push bars and touch bars. These types of doors are suitable for public and non-public areas. All doors and emergency exit doors supplied by Rubb Buildings adhere to US product standards and are ISO 9001 approved.


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