Ask the Engineer

Ask the Engineer™ is to help Rubb customers to understand the world of structure engineering in a way that is free of jargon and easy to comprehend. We hope to educate, advise, and consult on best practices and why proper engineering is crucial to project safety and cost over the long term.


Rubb buildings support energy efficiency

August 2016


Rubb’s white translucent PVC cladding allows natural light to illuminate the interior of the building, while reducing the heat island effect on the structure.



Rubb BulkBlocks™

July 2015

Rubb BulkBlocks™ serve as one of our most accomodating foundation option yet. Built with high strength steel that is reinforced in pre-cast concrete, Rubb BulkBlocks™ are engineered to meet building codes that other foundations may not.



What is an Occupancy Category?

December 2014

Occupancy category is defined as the purpose for which a building or other structure, or part thereof, is used or intended to be used…

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